Thursday, February 06, 2014

A life Transformed

Can you remember back in school the feeling of helplessness when you did not understand your school work?    I Do in fact I needed hours of extra help from my mom and dad, and from teachers ..   Now try to imagine that feeling as an orphan when it seems like there is no one there to help you .. when the teacher does not pay any attention to you because you are from an orphanage, even the other kids may look down upon you ..  and feeling that If you can't function now , then how will you ever make it in the future on your own .. This has got to be one of the contributing factors to the brutal statistics of what happens to kids once they leave the orphanage. 

Now imagine yourself growing up as an orphan.   with out the family support, or if there is any family , they just want the money that they can get by selling you.   and the stories go on ...alone and with out purpose ..

Both of these groups are the kids that Emma fights for on a daily basis.  But today She does not fight that fight alone.  She has combined forces, and now has older kids that she is working with , Kids that have lived through the orphanages , kids that had their own struggles through school , and life for that matter ..these are the kids that have come along side her ..  Coming together to help with homework is just the beginning .   This is giving a sense of purpose to the older kids and a sense of worth to the younger ones .. 

 teaching the math basics 

Kamala is a master at grammar .. in three languages .. she even tutors Emma with her University level Kyrgyz 

Kolya went from failing and behind to the top of his class when we got him glasses .. today he is one of the kindest , smartest kids I know, and he is eager to teach what he has learned .. both in school and in life 

Emma and her kids are proof that we>i 

and Jenish.. well he is busy looking googling the answers..... 

We are so thankful that sponsors have been there to make it possible for all of these kids to succeed... but there are so many more .. just this morning I received an urgent plea for help from one of our friends , just a few hours ago she has taken in another young girl off the streets and had no money for food for all those that she is already caring for.  I have gone ahead and sent some money, and she has it now... thank you to those who have donated to this .. as it stands we are are $360 from our target to cover the needs of the homeless that we contact with . 


Claire Ana said...

What an inspiring story to read!
And how wonderful it is to reach the lives of orphans like this.
We are so very proud of Kamala.
She is a such a bright, caring and courageous young woman,
and a very good teacher :))

Many Blessings to You All, Claire Ana & Roger

Claire Ana Frye said...

What an inspiring story! And such a great way to
reach the lives of orphans. We are so very proud of
Kamala. She is a bright, caring and courageous young
woman who makes a very fine teacher :))
Many Blessings to You All! Claire Ana & Roger