Sunday, February 09, 2014

Update from Larissa

A few of our guys at the mens home have been ill, and Larisa has asked for help with there medical needs.  This is just the type of thing that we are raising funds for this week .   But today the needs are striking a little close to home .    I am kind of haunted by a post I did a few weeks ago when Jenish was told on his way to the section where the men are sick..."They are here for a couple months, then the freezer."   This may not be the case for these men, but it must be something that would be in the back of their heads when they allow themselves to go there .  

Fortunately Larisa and Tanya are on this and have given the men some hope by bringing them to the hospital, and trying to get them treatment.  and if all goes well this week , we will be able to send them the funds shortly to care for our friends .
Tanya writes 
Hallo John and Julie. Thanks for your help. Thanks God that He give  people  with big hearts like you and your sponsors. Thanks for yours love  and service. Thank you that you try very much and you devote the time for the help to needing people. We know that now you have work to return to Kyrgyzstan and much to make many good servises. We pray for you and be bless.               I send pictures of Murat and Zamir .

Please pray for Larisa now very heavy February and March. Larisa learns  a lot  and goes to Bishkek School every day. She is tired and at her constantly headache and back pain because hernias on a backbone. Grandmother  worries about her and asked to pray for Larissa.

Please consider how you may be able to help with these and other serious medical concerns. 

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