Saturday, February 15, 2014

Week Three Blanket Challenge .. FOOD DRIVE

Spending a lot of time with the kids on various outings gives us a real eye into how things are going .  They may not say anything, but we can tell when the kids are hungry, or when they are week.  We have watched kids that have always been calm and polite , suddenly swarm when we bring them food .. grabbing food and eating as fast as they can , the even begin to shake a bit , and their breathing changes as they try to eat as much as they can .. We have given a roast chicken to a family, and watch them eat the entire chicken bones and all .. We have found students eating nothing but a piece of bread and a cup of black tea once a day as their only meal.  Probably the worst we faced, the event that brought the need for these food drops to us was back in 2008.  That winter , in a 2 week period, 80 out of 270 died in one institution from starvation and exposure .. you see you just cant battle the cold when you are starving ... 

We work hard to make sure that something like this does not happen again.  Every month we provide hundreds of lbs of vitamins. We do fruit and vegetable drops to the institutions of fresh in season fruit.  We provide food bags to families and students, enough to last about a month ..  but some winters are longer and colder then others .. This is one of those long cold winters. and just because they may be inside , and in an Orphanage, does not mean that they are getting the food that they need.  
We would like to do another big food delivery in the next couple weeks .. to do this we need to raise $3000 .. I know that is a lot, but when you break it down , it is just barely enough to get buy .. there is so much more that we could be doing , but this is a start .. here is a break down of how we will proceed if the needed funds come in , 

50 students and families in need x $20 =  $1000
seniors home for 44 seniors =  $500 
(private run institution no government funding )
Mens home for 270 men =  $500 
(supplemental.. Government run institution)
Baby orphanage 90 babies = $400
(supplemental.. Government run institution)
Baby Hospital formula for abandoned babies = $100
(Government run institution.. NO budget for food )
orphanage for older kids =$500 
(supplemental.. Government run institution)
packing bags for families and students in need 

pasta, rice, cookies, greshka, sugar, flour, tea,soup base, carrots, onions 

fresh fruits, juice and baby food for the baby orphanage 

orphanage dietitian very happy with the donation 
families from out at the dump 
a full meal, a small gift , and a food hamper provided to the families at the dump 
Donations this week for the food drive are part of the blanket challenge ,.. the largest donor will receive a beautiful blanket from Aigulla .  


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