Monday, April 29, 2013

wisdom strength and resources

This morning we met up with our friend Nurbek.  He asked us to go visit a family that he knew of that needed some help.  The kids are too old for the food program at the agency that he works for , but his boss had suggested that he talk to us.  

This home is a single lady that moved here from the Ukraine to work with children .  She has 2 orphaned girls that she looks after .    Along with possible food support from time to time, they are starting to look at the girls future.  They would like to go to a technical school here in Tokmok.  That will be about 10 000 som each for the year ( $208 each ) 

Right now they are looking after this apartment for the owner who will be back from Russia soon, then they will be moving to the " Dorms "   and by dorms they are not talking about the University dorms.. they are talking about some row houses with one or two rooms and shared out door toilet and water .

At this point, one of the main things that these girls have going for them is a woman that has stepped up to the plate to care for them and raise them as her own.   They are both lovely young girls , and could have a very bright future , they just need a little help.   

Today we brought them a big bag of potatoes and carrots , as well as flour , rice, oil, kasha' buckwheat, sugar,  tea, soup base,  and a few other things I can't remember right now ....We just hope and pray that we are able to help them more in the future 

We also got a call from a family we have worked with in the past .. you may remember our old cart driver from the bazaar that died a couple years back. We had been helping them keep their son in school.  Well we had lost track of the wife and son over the winter  and had no idea where they had moved to.  They are now in Bishkek, and the son is pushing a cart at the big bazaar in Bishkek. The mother had broken her leg, and had to have pins put in.. now she needs another operation, and they just can't swing it, and called to see if we could help her.  Her first quote came in around $700, but she called around and found a Dr ( the neighbour of her sisters husband ) the can do it for $450.   We will try to get her to another Dr and see what he says .. 

Another family we went to visit has a young boy with Cerebal palsy .. we helped them with Drs bills when Andy was here .. we brought them more Vitamins today ..  They are doing well, They have found a closer Dr, but since the Dr is on their other side of Tokmok, they have to pay for the treatments .. they are about $20 each time, so he has not had treatments for a little while . 

Our young friend Muksat had good news at the Dr, it turns out that his condition is not in need of surgery, but a result of stress.  when we dug deeper we found that in a few weeks he will not have a place to stay.  He will be going too school in the city in the fall and can live in a dorm in September, but for the summer he needs to find a place to stay for he and his sister/cousin .. 

2 of Aigula's kids have turned 16 and need to get there in country passports now.. the problem is that their father died with out documents , so he does not have a death certificate, and there is no way for the kids to get there documents with out the death certificate , so the only way is to pay the right person to make it for them .. about $200 .. which is about $200 more then I have for this . 

We are still trying to get the playground started out at the orphanage and in the village .   But we are getting bogged down with just so many other needs like the examples I just gave . 
We keep telling ourselves that we can only do what we can do,  The tempting thing to do is to just stay inside and not answer the door.. but that's not doing what we came to do -  hahaha..  

In half an hour, I will be going to give swimming lessons, ( that got postponed until tomorrow) then back by 7 to cook supper for four kids from the University that we have been helping( it turned into 13 in total, with 3 more for dessert) We have heard that they are almost out of food , so we picked up 2 of everything when we were shopping for the other family, so we can send them home with food as well . 

Bekah is down to the wire for school ... just 2 days left .. she is excited, but has lots of work to do in those 2 days  plus a couple exams to study for . 

Please pray for wisdom strength and resources for us all . 

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