Friday, April 05, 2013

Parkside Ohio Team Day 6- What happened to Day 5 ????

We are having such an amazing time with the Ohio Team – Another busy day today to try to show the team what a beautiful country we serve in.  Tonight there are some very happy kids. Kids that will know that they have been loved today!!!!
The Internet is not strong or consistent so this may be late.  Some of the team ended their night with a delicious spaghetti supper at Lynn and Ruby’s place and some stayed on to have more fun with a special evening and sleepover with the Dayspring Girls.

After our breakfast and our morning meeting and visit we were off to the baby hospital.  There were no new babies there so we decided to bless the nurses and doctors with a tea party.  Cookies, tea, coffee, snacks and this nice tea set will be a special treat  for them. 
Next Stop the baby orphanage – we can’t post the pictures from this stop but you can be sure that hearts were touched here.  We had a tour and then played with the older children in the play yard.
Before lunch at Ruby and Lynn’s we stopped at Ak –Bata, to have a quick game of basket ball with some of the boys. 
Then it was off to the hot springs.  Everyone had a great time – 20 boys – you can just imagine the fun.

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