Thursday, April 25, 2013

a short update ... what we are working on now

Lots on the go right now ,

Emma and Baktagool spent the day in Bishkek with Jengish today checking out possible universities for Baktagul for next fall.  Lots of possibilities .. as well tomorrow Olga will show her around to the possibilities here in Tokmok.

Today Olga was working on getting in country pasports for two of Aigoola's kids .. not so easy because there father died with out documents , so he can not get a death certificate , and with out that they can't get pasports .. its all a big mess ..

The last couple days Larisa and Tanya have been busy planting the guarden with the men at the mens home .

We managed to get our phone cut off today for non payment .. they moved the due date up to the 25th from the 1st .. so at 8 am we lost our service for non payment of about $1.07  

Julie has been going to Kyrgyze lessons at Acels each day , as well we have set up Acel to bring Maksat , one of the kids we help .. to the Dr for some isues he has been having

Tomorrow we are meeting with Larisa to go and visit some of the families that she works with , in perticular a young boy with Caribial Palsy that our friend Andy had helped with .  Then we will be going to visit a home for disabled in the Tokmok area that we have been trying to make conmtact with for a long time .  This is the place that many of our ki8ds go to right out of the orphanage if they have a disability .

As well we are geting a new guest apartement cleaned and set up for teams .  We have it booked already from the 9th of may until around the 20th of June, then again for three strait months this fall .

We have been getting ready to start a couple projects next week .. the windows for the Baby orphnage as well as the playground for the Ivonofka orphange / treatement centre .   The windows have been covered in full  .. so awesome .. but the playground although we have set a date to start, nothing has come in for yet.  

I discussed this with Bekah, and we have decided to partener with the playground .. I will find sponsors to do the repairs, and Bekah through  will try to sponsor the out door furnature for 20 kids . and our guest arriving on the 9th of may will be bringing the swing seats with him .  you can read more about that project at the link above or here on the blog back a few days .

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