Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A Stretch

I love watching the kids play here .. there is always something that can be used as a toy.  The top of a bottle, a special stone.. I met some kids in an orphanage last week that were making dice out of old candy wrappers/   all low teck stuff.. but today has to take the cake .. The kids today were having snail races.... 

now there is a way to keep you occupied for a long time .  

I did want to share a need with you today .. but first let me tell you a little back ground.  

We try not to create a dependency here, but at the same time when we are dealing with orphans how hard is it for them not to become dependant.  I guess the best way is to try to encourage others to get involved as well..    I sat in church here Sunday morning and listened to a plane the pastor shared.  He explained that there is an orphanage that he knows of that needs summer shoes for the kids ..It is the same orphanage that Slavic and several of the other kids we work with attend.  
the plan is to have everyone in the church bring in shoes for them.  This is not a large or a wealthy church, and there are about 270 kids at this orphanage ... but I am trusting that this need will be met..Please pray with me that the resources will come , and threw this sacrifice that the members of this congregation , they will not only be blessed but experience the joy of giving .   Just to put it into perspective, a cheep pair of shoes here is about 2 days wages for the average person.   What do you think the response would be like in your home church if everyong was asked to bring in two days wages the next sunday     

when your own kids have bottle caps and snails to play with .. buying a pair of shoes for an orphan may be a stretch , but a good one .

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