Thursday, April 18, 2013

The roots are still there ....

It is not just the roots of this tree that have passed the test of time, but so has our dear friend Sergey and his wife Anya .   It was about 13 years ago that  this tree was cut down , and it was Sergey that did the cutting . 
It was at this very stump at that time that Sergey felt the call to serve the orphans and the widows.. He stoped what he was doing and went and quit his job to return full time to serve the least of  these.. he had no idea how he would support his family , but he knew this is where he was meant to be.  
upon returning to this stump to continue work, two amazing men showed up.. Ed Dickson and Mike Martin.  and the rest as they say is history.   It was at that time that Mike brought a team that put a playground in this orphanage / hospital  . 

Sergey at the stump

So let me tell you how that pertains to today's events .  

We had a few more mattresses and Vitamins to deliver to the director at the centre, as well as to meet with her about some of her needs . 

Emma and Sergey delivering Mattresses 

Emma and Sergey dropping off a 3 month supply of Vitamins 
 While talking with the new director, she shared that she would like to get some out side furniture as well as fix the playground.  She did not know that Sergey had been a big part of the playground coming in the first place .. but she shared that they have a great playground that would be so good for the kids to be in, but it was getting old and not safe right now.. She ask3ed if we could help to get it fixed .

We went out to take a closer look and to take some measurements ..  there are definitely a few places that need repair, like this shelter

New steps need to be poured 
maybe some new boards on the picnic table 

the top of the play centre needs a little help as well as some new seets for the swing . 

As I walked around this playground, and saw what needs to be done to restore it to its former condition, I could feel such a presence .. Here we have an opportunity to go back to where it all began for this ministry .. back to those roots that remain until this day .. I am not sure how, but I know we must .. and what an honor it will be to do it on behalf of those who broke ground before us ...
  We have committed to this project, and have told them that we will begin as money comes in , it will be an on going work in progress as the funds come in .   Hay Jeff, bring your work cloths for you

  so here is what is needed to make this safe and excessable  ..

- 20 plastic deck chairs
- 2  Large plastic tables
- 2 indoor out door carpets
- 7 gallons of paint / paint brushes etc.
- 90 feet of planks
- 8 swings
-3 wheel chairs
- 1 wheel chair swing
- Volley Ball net
- 1 volley ball, one basket ball
- sand for sand box
- 2 meters of cement

We are working on totals now, but expect that we cover everything  for about $1000 and a team of volunteers from here .

On our way back to Tokmok we could not help but stand amazed at the view of the mountains today .. they are so beautiful with the fresh snow .

If you were following the snail races from yesterday , here is a quick update ...  they are neck and neck at the half way point ...

We had our friend Andrei , the dire3ctor of the KaraKool orphanage over for a visit and to give him Vitamins as well .  

Tonight we were blessed to have our Godson and his wife over for supper.. we also picked up a stroller so that Julie can take their baby on walks now that he is old enough to go out .

I made stuffed peppers and salad with home made Ranch dressing ( from a package ) ... what a great way to end a busy day .

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