Sunday, April 14, 2013

What makes us think we are so right

Every time I come to Kyrgyzstan what I believe and why I believe it is questioned .. Today I say this on Facebook, and it was a good example of what I am thinking

Here in Kyrgyzstan there  is an example that I use when I am talking to teams about the dangers of ethnocentric thinking .  That is when we assume that  things are right because that is the way we do them in the west ...  take  the Banana for example   ..
 here is a simple banana , how do you open it ...
all over Canada and the US I have only ever see them opened one way , this 

but here is the problem  .. this causes the end to get squished, and if you give it to a child like this is it mushy and brown by the time you get to the bottom.. but in Kyrgyzstan, they do it a little different .  maybe its because they appreciate the banana a lot more , as many have only ever dreamed of eating one, and if they ever have a chance, threy want to be sure to eat it in just the perfect way .. they way that they are sure that God intended and that why they all know that you hold it by the HANDLE and open it at the top.. it peals easier, there is no squishing, and the banana stays fresh till the end 

I have tried this method and it really makes sense.. 

I have to ask myself , if they are right about something as basic as the opening of a banana, then is it possible that we can learn from so many other things here that we have taken to be right all our lives ?  yes,  Just maybe there is some more to learn. 

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