Friday, April 26, 2013

Thank you that you are not afraid of us !

Thank you that you are not afraid of us ... these are the words that our friend Feda said to a family that we had visiting a few years back.     It has been a long time that we have been friends, and this spring when we got to the mens home , he was not there .
 Today we were reacquainted when we went with Larisa to see a home for the disabled that until now we have not had access to .      There is a new director there , and he had heard about the work that we have been doing in the area, and then after introductions and a Little visit , the Dr came in , right away she was excited to see us.  she had known us from the mens home, and began to tell the director all about us, and our connection to Larisa and our willingness to help Larisa 

He gave us a tour of the home .  It was built in 1931, and houses 230 men and women .  The grounds are well kept, the rooms are exceptionally clean and the men and women are clean and cared for .  

Julie picked up her camera to get a photo of the director and I and that's all it took for this flash mob. 

Its amazing the JOY that comes from a simple touch or even eye contact . 

this is the TV room in the section for those that can not walk 

they have some very savearly disabled in this section, but again they were clean and well cared for .

this young boy is 24 years old and has spent his life in bed ,  I have no doubt it would be awesome to be able to work with him and get him up and out side for a bit, but with the limited resources they have , they are doing an incredible job

everyone was very excited for the little attention that we could pay to them ..

they have someone that has been bringing them about 15 wheel chairs a year for the last few years .. another 180 and everyone that needs one will have one 

Feda is getting a shave 

Larisa had brought Feda some juice and Samsa's as a special treat .  He told us that he liked the mens home in iskra better , we asked him why.. and that this home seemed so nice .. his answer was simple to him ... " Larisa is there " 

John and the director out checking out the potatoes in the Garden 

This building is the directors dream project .. new windows and a new floor and they will have a large "Social rehab centre "  basically a big meeting room 

We had a great first meeting , and look forward to working more with them in the future... There are lots of places where we could make a real difference here with a comparatively small amount of money .. but most of all , there are people here that are just so happy that we are not afraid of therm .

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