Sunday, April 07, 2013

Day 5 -- 3 days late

The team is in the air now and we are trying to get caught up on a few things ,  Well as promised here is the update from day five..

First stop was to Red river orphanage , the kids here do a lot of sewing , so they had a table set up for the team to purchase some souvenirs .  While there we were able to drop off a donation to purchase new summer shoes for all the kids .    

Next stop was to the Svetly put orphanage .  here we dropped off vitamins for the next 3 months.  We took a moment and hugged the director and celebrated the fact that the orphanage is safe and has a funder in place  .  It came down to a matter of days of closing .  This is the orphanage that Jengish has been working with now.  The new budget is small and Jengish is helping with the extras for the kids and some minor repairs .  So far from the sales of the calendars he has been able to repair the water pipes and repair a room that will be bigger and brighter for the kids sewing room .
Next stop was to the coffee shop.  The photos on the wall are from the Calendar and are part of a exhibition to promote the sales of the calendar .  To read more or purchase your own calendar, follow this link  ,   The team has taken calanders home with them so that as of tomorrow, as soon as they are ordered they can now be shipped direct from the US.

it was a beautiful day , so we ate on the patio .  Next stop was to the Bazzar and a bit of shopping and experience the local commerce.  

then it was off to bowling ... Emma brought a second bus into the city to meet us.. we had 48 in total .  some of the kids had never even heard of bowling before.. they had a blast.. Here are the Jeremiah boys with Jengish and Jake 
Blair had a great time with her team.. but I think her team had a greater time with her .. a day they will never forget .

Michelle had Larisa and Tanya on her team .    It was such a blessing for them to get to know Michelle and the team.. they hit it off so well. 

Lori and Aaron with Tolic and Anrey .

After bowling , we brought everyone to Fieza , one of the best restaurants  in the city ...  There is something special when you can hand one of our young friends a menue and tell them to order what ever they like .. that in itself is more then many of them could ever imagine. 

Victor lives with his Great grandmother, and when ever he comes with us, she has him in a full suit.. it's so cute .. againJake did such a great job at conecting with all the kids and letting them know that they are special

then on to the buses for the drive back to Tokmok .. and the end of a great day 

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