Saturday, April 27, 2013

We are ready for you !

Another busy day today .  Emma went out to Red river orphanage to pick up her boys and bring them in to Tokmok for a program at the park,and an opportunity for one of the boys to spend some time with his sister at Dayspring.

Mean while the rest of us along with one of Bekah's friends got busy deep cleaning and some minor renovations to an apartment that we will be using as another guest apartment .  it will be full from the 9th of may until the middle of the summer , then again all fall.    It was a lot of work and we are all a little  sore , but its really coming along .  

Bekah and Akyl beating the carpets

Just like baseball

Each bedroom has a single bed and a bunk bed and a desk 

this room is especially nice with a view out the back  of a lush full  4 foot pot plant 

living room floors bleached and scrubbed , and new wall paper and border , lots of seating and a table with phone and Internet leading out to the balcony  

the balcony will be a great place to set up a table and chairs .  Bekah even took apart all the windows and cleaned between the glass . 

a few plants , pictures from the mens home , and some carpets from Red river orphanage ....

the neighbours saw us working all day and even gave Bekah some candies and pastries 

theme for the kitchen ... sunflowers

we are going to finish putting up pictures and decorate with things that the kids in the orphanages have made us over the years .

so taking a look at the new digs , how about coming for a short term missions trip ... we would love to host you.

on the way home , Julie and I grabbed a cab, and by the time the others got back to the apartment , I had a nice roast beef dinner ready as a reward for all the hard work ... I love my pressure cooker. 

and special news ... Davina finally lost her front tooth tonight .  

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