Sunday, April 07, 2013

Day 7, final day

Today was a day for soccer camp in the mountains , or at least that was the excuse to spend the day with 70 amazing kids that had the opportunity to know that they are loved and that some one thinks that they are pretty special.  It is easy to overlook how important these connections are, but we were so blessed with this team from Parkside .. they get it .. they put them selves out over and over to touch the hearts and lives of some beautiful at risk youth .. With out opportunities like this , it is soo hard for the kids to HOPE for a future ..  

we found a small semi level field for them to set up soccer camp 

before lunch they had the kids running drills and learning some new moves  

while that was going on , Vlady and Aigoola took the lead getting the plof and the shashleek made

running relays 

Aaron and Yuri after the game .. every one got a ribbon..

Chopan entertained us during the picnic 

This young one is over checking out the meal preparation . I just love the way Isar is with the kids .. we are so blessed to have him working with us 

here comes the first wave of shashleek .. Vlady makes his from duck.. it is absolutly incredible .. Lori asked what it was , I told her it was duck, and she handed me the rest of her stick saying that one piece will be enough for her.. I told her I would just hold it for her because once she tried it she would be back for more .. I was right .

three little Sheppard boys came by with there horses and offered rides for a price.. Thank you Lynn for making it possible for so many of the kids to experience such a great time . 

some of the team getting ready for a group photo 

just about everyone ... 

it was great to spend a little time with my friend Talant 

little Emima sure is growing ...
next stop was to the Baurana tower .

here is a little closer view of them at the top 

At the end of the day we made one more stop over at Jeremiah house so the team could see the renovations finished , and have one more chance to say good bye to the kids .. it became very emotional ... this team succeeded in making there way deep into the hearts of all the kids they cam into contact with ... 

John and Ruby checking out the new floor, walls and ceiling 

the Banya turned out great , and has been used already .  so much nicer with a fresh coat of paint and new boards

Final moments together before beginning the long journey home .. 

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