Sunday, April 07, 2013

"I was just thinking "

On our first day back, we brought the team out for supper with with a bunch of the at risk kids.    Included in this was our young friend Ibek. He is here on the left.  You may remember him from one of the simple dreams Bekah has posted over at iam1ru   .. Ibec has a dream of having a bike.

We had him with us a few times this week, and he has been asking about if anyone has sponsored his dream yet.. then today he was so funny,  The phone rang , it was Ibek.. He said to Emma .." I was just thinking , You do not have to wait for my birthday for the bike if you get it  .. you can bring it any time ."

So just incase any of you are waiting for his birthday, he is ok with you making a donation now.  hahahaa...   with only $60 to go, It sure would be great to see this dream filled.   

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