Monday, April 22, 2013

plants for the mens home

We had Larisa and Tanya over this morning to plan a few dates .  We have a friend coming from Canada , and he does not know it yet but he is hosting several events hhahahah   one is a trip  to the mountains with the village .. there will be three bus loads of the village people .   another event will be  a celebration at the mens home when they get their new summer shoes.. those were a few of the many events we were working on , then it was off to the bazaar to pick up plants for the Mens home .  

900 Raspberry plants, the kind  that will produce berries all summer long
we also got 600 tomato plants, 400 Cabbage plants , and 250 pepper plants

we then decided that we should get plants for the staff at the mens home as well. .   Not only is this a nice gesture, but it may help to keep the plants IN the garden at the mens  home.   We found this couple with a few hundred of each. so we bought everything they had, and they got to go home early that day .. they were very excited .. then it turned out that they are  neighbours  of Dayspring . 

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