Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Finished one project, and on to the next.

This morning , after working on an important post,  we headed out to see how the team was doing at the orphanage renovations.  The timing was perfect, as we walked out the door, Vlady was there to tell us that it was finished.

we are blessed to have such an incredible contractor here working for us.  H3e not only does a great job, but he teaches and instructs those that we are trying to help.  I can't even begin to list the number of jobs he has done for us, every one  is done with the utmost care , and resp3ct for those that he is helping.. we are blessed . 

the new wall in front of the orphanage, including the gates reconstructed and put in place. 

The building has been re parged and newly painted, as well the foundation repaired and painted 

Old fence removed and the garden fixed up 

Kids TV room repaired and painted 

computer room renovated and new wiring as well as new paint 

Kitchen newly painted and new wiring so they can use the appliances 

Back play yard cleaned up and painted and play bars installed for the kids 

We stopped to get some photo's and a quick visit.  They are all so happy.  They are trying to get everything fixed up for a big Children s day Celebration on the 30th.  All the dignitaries will be there .
  We are all going to go back on Monday.  One of the girls is just finishing cooking school, and is doing her practicum now.  I promised to spend a day in the kitchen with her and share some recipes..   We have about 4 kids having birthdays there now, so we will combine the day with a big birthday party..
  they feel much more relaxed to celebrate now that they feel comfortable with having guests ..Thanks so much to the last LAMb team that helped with this.

On to the next project....

On the last post I mentioned about Altynai's apartment needing repairs.  She and he family have been out of it for a couple years as she was finishing school, and now we are working on moving them back in together and helping them become a family again.  

Before we move them in there are some mold issues that need to be taken care of for health sake .

Bathroom walls need to be stripped down and sealed , then tiles put up 

The kitchen will need to be treated for mold, then walls sealed and repainted, as well as a  linoleum floor put down. We would like to find them a fridge as well, but do not have the finances for that at this time . 

The balcony could use a little work as well to make it more weatherproof, and at the same time more functional.  
The rest of the hose is in fairly good shape still.  A few nicks and tears in the wall paper, but a great starter for them, and in time we can work on the rest . 

I had originally anticipated that the repairs for this would be about $500, but today's estimate comes in closer to $650 including labor.. 

On the bright side , we will keep a couple families employed for another few weeks ... hopefully they are done by the time school is over .

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