Friday, May 25, 2012

What a day

Today , the LAMb staff were parent figures for not just day spring kids, but also for about 20 others who were celebrating in 4 different schools and Universities in Tokmok.. at one point we were at three different ceremonies at the same time, as well as in the hospital advocating for Dasha who by the way is BACK ON for surgery tomorrow morning ...  

Jenya and Kristina with Emma 

Altynai Graduated today .. this will need a post of its own.. stay tuned 

This next story is a special one . 

Last fall we were at a fund raiser in NY at the home of the Little Johns .  while there, their church really blessed us.   We tried to turn it down at first and asked to put it toward the fund raising target .. they insisted that for us to " Stop for the ONE in front of us, we would need these funds" well after a six our drive home, we got home to a message from Altynai about a class mate who had recently lost her family and could not stay in school .. the amount needed for her to finish school was $13 less then that days offering ... Today , I had the privilege of watching another one of the ONE'S in front of us receiver her diploma .. I had never met her in person before, but as soon as the ceramony was over she came right to me , introduced herself, and gave me a big hug... we both cried...

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