Saturday, May 26, 2012

A day at the water hole .. children being children

A few weeks ago we got an email from a friend of ours.  She is a grade 6 teacher from Peterborough Canada, and she told us that her class has done it again... Once again they have raised some funds and sent them with some special instructions.  Today they asked us to take the kids from Dayspring shopping for new bathing suits and summer outfits, then take them for a picnic and swimming .
What a day we had .   Here are a few photo's from the day.  We are short one girl .. Dasha, she was having heart surgery this morning so we will excuse her.. Another little girl was thrilled that we picked up her brother from another orphanage and brought him with us for the day .  At Christmas he would not even look at her he was so upset at the thoughts of being separated again.. we have been working on this , and today they had the most incredible day together ... 

we got these crocks at a second hand store for $1 each 

picking out the sun dresses 

they were all so excited 
every one different

they loved the life rings .. a lot of fun 

every one got a new bathing suit 

Emma and her charge 

subs pop and chips and Banana's 

Brother and sister are reunited again 

Julie took a moment to tell them all about the kids that sponsored the day today 

   There is just something so special about being a part of making it possible for kids to be kids .. as I look around at the kids we had with us today, and knowing their stories , it just made my heart sing to see them all having such a great day.   Later Acel was telling me how one of our new girls came to our Day spring family support, and  shared about how she was telling her school friend about how much she loves her new family, and the friend asked if she could move in too.    

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