Tuesday, May 08, 2012


"I am all alone, I have no one.. will you please adopt me?"

We heard this from this young boy today. We see our young friend Maksat who took maters into his own hands when living on the street , and found a beautiful family to adopt him. So many others are in the same position... I see two things here...

 #1 . we NEED to help these precious kids find families.. ,

    #2.   When the system fails them, and society fails them, and they find themselves out on the street at too young an age ,  WE must not fail them..
We need a transition home for them .. and we need help.. I think of how hard it is for you to reed these stories, I know how hard it is for us to see first hand these stories, but I can not imagine just how hard it is for these kids to live these stories.... alone

Every where we turned today , we saw precious young kids that we know and love.. all about to time out in the next year or two.  I am told that the main difference between the 30% that make it and the 70% that don't,  is that the ones that make it have someone significant in their life that advocates for them.

LAMb is taking some very concrete steps to to be that advocate.  Julie and I, apart from raising a few kids our selves, don't necessarily have the expertise to deal with all the issues involved with this project, but the LAMb team does.. not only that they are willing.....NO scratch that .. they are more then willing , they SHARE THE BURDEN... If you would like to help share the burden, we could sure use your help..  Please contact us if you want to help.     

I remember the day that we brought Anya and her family out of the Iskra dump.  I remember the chemical burns on her face.. I remember how happy she was when we bought her new clothes.. and today when she saw us, .. she remembered us, and she remembered that we cared about her..

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Cindy LaJoy said...

Don't know why today seems so hard, but I am feeling the burden weighing heavily, John. Maybe I needed a respite for awhile as we grew together as a family, but today it feels like it is hitting me smack in the face. Thanks for being the feet on the ground.