Monday, May 21, 2012

Birthday Celebrations

This afternoon we went over to Bakute for a party.  
One of the young girls there has finished her cooking school , and is doing her work placement at the orphanage .  So today I thought her how to make spaghetti sauce and all the things that you can do with that  . so today we made Lazagna, along with Caesar salad and garlic bread.  We even made the dressing from scratch as well.   It turned out great , and everyone loved it.  After supper, we brought out cakes and presents for the kids.. I think there were about 6 of them celebrating birthdays at this time . 

working in the kitchen

A quick game of red rover before supper 

Hows that for a pan of Lazagna 

dished up and ready to serve 

suddenly every one was quiet 

Blair celebrated his birthday tonight as well

They loved the girfts .. a special thanks to our friends at Crayola who continue to bless us 

Party was over , but Ruslan was not leaving as long as there was cake to eat

in side at the end of the night , playing with their new gifts.

Here is a short video from around the table tonight ...

   or a couple of these boys, this was their first Birthday !  God is so good to allow us to be a part of something so special .  

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