Saturday, May 19, 2012

Group effort... and you are part of that group

Larissa needs help, and not just from those in country, but all of you too... but first let me tell you a little about her .. 
  Larissa is one of the most incredible people I have ever met.  She is the person that that we support in so many of the humanitarian projects that we are involved with.. for example 
Iskra Dump, the village of East city Iskra, the mens home, the seniors home in Kemin and in Sarafemofka. as well she has taken the lead in setting up operations. Many of the families that we support, two of the orphanages we support.. two medical clinics, and the TB hospital... they are all on Larisa's case load.   
Larissa  presenting at a LAMb staff meeting, after returning from a meting with the ambassador of Japan, where she was able to get a HUGE  donation of  clothing that will outfit all the men at the mens home this winter .   
   When children are on the street with no place to go ..Larissa is the one that they hunt down.. when  families have no food or heat.. it is Larissa that they look for.  When the disabled need some one to advocate for them.. it is Larissa they go to.  When people need documents to get the help they need .. you guessed it ... Larissa. 
   On top of this , Larissa is attending Social work University, and heading up renovations at the mens home.   In fact Larissa has been so buisy that LAMb had to hire her daughter as well, just to assist her and keep all the records strait, 
  So whats up ?... a couple summers ago , Larissa helped to host a team of Dr's from Alaska.  They were here to begin the long process of changing peoples mind set when it comes to "Disabilities", as well they were giving instruction for critical care to the disabled 
   Larissa has another semester of University here, then we are planing to send her and her daughter to Alaska to rejoin the team from Hope.  There they  will receive advanced training in caring for the disabled, as well as receiving the tools and skills needed to bring that training back to Kyrgyzstan and begin training the workers here at the mens home.  The next stage of this program will see the team from Alaska return to Kyrgyzstan to assist and assess in the implementation of this training. 

When we began the work at the Mens home so long ago... it was nothing more then a warehouse for people waiting to die.. We have all been amazed at the progress that we have seen with all the renovations , both of the building, and of the hearts and minds of the men, but now we have an opportunity to go further then I had ever thought possible.  We CAN bring this home to a place that will be a learning center that will stand as an example of HOPE for all of Kyrgyzstan to not only see, but to learn from . 
As usual, there is a lot that happens before we introduce projects like this to you on the blog, but we are comfortable that this is do-able . 

 The LAMb team has met a few times to discuss how we can step in to pick up the slack to cover Larissa's case load .  It will be all hands on deck, with every one eager to help pitch in.  as well as Julie and I returning in time to pick up part of her case load.  We will all begin next week connecting with those she helps to make sure that the transition is smooth. 

The Team at HOPE Alaska is busy with our staff here working on necessary documents to get them the necessary Visa's.  As well they are preparing a team and a program that will best fit with the needs of the mens home.  As well, and this is huge, they will also cover all the training expenses, and the in country expenses of Larisa and Tanya , and are assembling a team to return to Kyrgyzstan . 

   Now for what YOU can do .  Larisa and Tanya only have a couple outfits, and desperately need clothes .. they also need help with money for their visa's and the flights.  

If you would like to help Larissa and Tanya , please let us know .  We need to keep this moving if we are going to make it happen.  

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