Monday, May 07, 2012

Dinner with the kids

We had a great time today .  Julie and I went to the Bazaar with Joe, and we did some shopping for a party tonight at Dayspring.  we were having the kids from one of the orphanages in Tokmok join us.    We decided to make roast beef with roasted potatoes.    Beside the Shwarma place at the front of the Bazaar there is a lady that makes kettle corn.  So we  stopped and ordered 40 bags for the kids , we also got them juice boxes .. a real treat ...  in this next photo you can see the kettle corn cooker , but I also noticed the price of the Samsa's   this is the cheapest place to get them at 25 som .. just over 50 cents.. that is more then double what we paid just a couple of years ago. 

meat is also way up in price this year.. again just about double 

everything ready, just about to serve 

after supper we handed out the popcorn and the juice and put on Veggie Tales 

after the movie, the team handed out gift bags for the kids, and then one of the girls played the Kamose for us.  This will be extra special for Jayne.  She was working with that kids last year, and they shared that they wanted Kamose lessons, but did not have one.   Jayne decided to set up jobs for them so that they could earn the Kamose and the lessons.  .. Today they performed for us, Not only that, but we learned that this little boy has just won a contest here in Kyrgyzstan, and will move on to represent Kyrgyzstan in Turkey in a few weeks ... so here is a shout out to Jayne and those sponsors that helped her with that project. 

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