Thursday, May 10, 2012

Last day with the team

Today the team was working at Dayspring .  But first we stopped over at Bakute orphanage to check things out.  That team is doing great .. lots of work done.  A huge new front block fence, the whole orphanage has had the exterior walls repaired, and most of it is painted now.   Several of the rooms inside have been  painted, and new wiring has been put in..   it's coming along great . 

We had one of the men from Jengish's center come out to help us with the welding at the playground.

when completed , the slide will be 3 feet wide. and about 10 feet long. 

the kids were excited to see the progress.

Tonight Talant came over to say goodbye to the team that pulls out at 2:00 am tomorrow .  They have been such a blessing to everyone here .  

when they brought out the slide to weld, they also brought us 3 rabbits for the 3 sisters we support.  Julie went over and delivered them and check out how the garden is doing.  They also checked out the chicken coop to see what needs to be done before the chickens arrive next week.

OK , so I have to share, that we are starting to become a little stressed ..  It happens every trip around this far in..  This is when the needs start to pile up, and the money starts to run out.   There are just so many needs that we have come across.. the difficulty is always prioritizing the needs.  They had a meting with the staff today, and when I showed up after the meting, under my name was... John we need funds... 

I am going to work on a blog post tomorrow that will out line some of these needs and how we can help, so brace yourself....

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