Sunday, May 27, 2012

Today was for us !

I won't lie, the last few weeks have been hard. there seemed to be so much that was "getting on our nerves".   the burdens  are just starting to pile up , and the solutions seem so far off.  We reached the point that Julie was ready to confiscate my phone again for the protection of whom ever might have the misfortune to be calling. 

We knew that our attitudes needed a check, and that we needed to get things back on the right track... then yesterday with Bekah having her ipod stolen, things were coming to a head.  

We are well aware of the reference to "Growing weary in well doing ",  and know from experience when this is happening .. we also know that when this happens, it takes a conscious effort to get back on track .  Yesterday I posted a bit about this on the blog, and asked for prayer .. 

This morning we woke up to an email from a missionary in Peru whom we have never met before.   The email was an encouragement letter from some one who had experienced the same thing.. down sizing to  almost nothing, then having it stolen.   She finished off her letter with this    

My prayer is that your daughter will receive a new ipod better than the one taken from her and a softness in her heart to love those who seem unlovable to this world's eyes.

Blessings and Grace to you from Peru!

 Then included the scripture to back it up.    We discussed this on our way to Karabalta .. about 2 1/2 hours away.. in that time, other letters of encouragement began to come in as well..  as stated in one of them, WE know how we are supposed to feel and act, but transferring that from the mind to the heart  is the challenge. 

Then this morning the work on our hearts continued.  We were asked to attend a small church this morning. The message was about following the call... the pastor then asked for our family to stand up and asked the church to pray for us as an example of following the call... 

At first it was very uncomfortable standing along the front facing about 150 Kyrgyz brothers and sisters.  the pastor told them just briefly that we help with the orphanages and families in need . 

He then shared about a visit at our apartment a couple weeks ago... he shared that he had asked to see some photos of our time in Canada. He then went on to tell every one that he could really tell that God had given us such a love for the Kyrgyz people .. so much so that when we have guests, we make Borsolk.. and Laproshka,,, and Bish bal mak .. even chi from a real samavar, and ploff in a Kazan ... by the time he got to us eating on the floor sitting on beautiful tushuks , the whole place was in tears..
It was not the things that we do here that inspired any of them.. it was the simple fact that they felt the connection, and that they knew that we had that unconditional LOVE for them... as demonstrated by sitting on the floor hahaha... and thats the thing about unconditional love...  its there when everything around you might screem frustration or hate... but LOVE shines through. 

We stood and looked out at a room full of Kyrgyz brothers and sisters, and fell in love with them all over again... 

the front of the church

This is a view from the back of the church   Neither the front or the back are that inspiring, but inside GOD IS WORKING...

After church we went with the pastor and his family to the Afgan wart vets park in the mountains.. the pastor is a vet, and shared about the park.  It is a huge grove of pear trees that the government gave them to harvest each year to raise money to support vets .  

getting ready for the picnic

what a beautiful view .. Emma here is on the phone with one of the kids from an orphanage that needed to talk 
After the wonderful picnic we went to visit the kids at the Karabalta orphanage.  It was great to see so many of our friends again .. we dropped off vitamins to do them until we return again in August.  We could not get over how much the kids have grown. 

They pass on their love to David and Jayne and Lynn and Ruby   ... but mostly Jayne... speaking of unconditional love  ...

As we headed back to Tokmok, we feel refreshed and energized ..ready to continue loving unconditional... still broke , but at least now with the right attitude.  

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