Monday, May 21, 2012


This morning we went to the Baby orphanage to talk to the director about the baby left in the bus stop with club feet. We have friends from Link 127 ( operations can be done ) , that have agreed to take the lead on this one.. by that , I mean that they will guarantee the funding.  they will need help, but they will see that one way or another ,`` the operation can be done`` .

We also talked about some current needs.  Children s day here is a very big deal, and they are going to have a celebration, and they too would like some help with paint so that they can get the buildings looking nice.. so now we are up to $500 between here and the Red river orphanage, with only just over  a week to go.

Emma is at the bazaar right now getting some last minute things for the birthday party tonight at Bacute orphanage.  as  well as ordering some things for the birthday parties on Wednesday over at the red river orphange.  She has ordered 200 jars of bubbles  in faith ... at about $1 each...

I also talked to our friend that has the sport outfit.. , the top quality professional team soccer shirts and shorts, he will sell to us for 200 som  .. that would mean that for a set for all 270 kids in the Chui orphanage it would cost $1150.   humm I guess I have the faith for $200 for bubbles, but not so much to go ahead and order $1150  worth of summer clothes..  I guess after all this , I am still self reliant.. we simply don`t have that kind of money left... LORD HELP MY UNBELIEF...

wile we were waiting for the director at the baby orphanage , we went to see our other Dr friend to see if she could bring one of the girls we are supporting to the dentist for us because she is afraid, and Dr Tatyana is ann incredibly kind person, and the girl knows and trusts her .  from there we went to see the girls sister at work to let her know that Dr Tatyana would help.  When we got there, the cafe owner met us, and was so glad to see us and rushed around to get us tee coffee and crepes for a snack.   I recognized her as the person that asked for help for the girls in the first place.  When we were done, she would not take any money for the meal... You must understand how big a thing that this is for Kyrgyzstan .. I felt bad excepting it because I know that it as a big sacrifice for her, but at the same time, It is what she wanted to do, and I have learned that for one person to experience the blessing of giving, another must be humbled and receive ..
Lord may you bless this business owner , not just for today's generosity, but for the on going care and concern that she is showing for orphans in their need. 

Next door to the cafe we found these 

We needed some more clothes for the Dayspring kids, and today we were checking out a second hand store, and found a bunch of crocks for the kids for only $1 each .   What a great find... I can`t wait to bring them to the kids .

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