Tuesday, May 15, 2012


It has been a rough couple days , but I am on the mend now.  A bad case of Tokmok tummy.   I have spent the last couple days in bed watching "LIE TO ME ' series .  so I guess it's not that bad.   Kind of made me think about a post I made a few weeks ago where I made reference to " don't feel sorry for John or any other missionary for that mater " so I have to ask what God was trying to show me the last couple days ..

As I look out our dinning room window,  there is something striking.. the city has cut down a bunch of trees, and we once again have a clear view of the garbage pile and the people rummaging around for food and empty bottles.    The steady stream of people does not stop all day.  We are not usually home to witness it as much.

We often have people too the house for a meal, and it is not uncommon, especially for the  foreign guests to look at the meal, then look out and see people in the dump, and loose their appetite.   They try to be gracious and eat, but I can see it in their face .. remember I am an expert on LIE TO ME....

I also have had opportunity to practice my "Lie to me" skills at out own door.   I did not realise until watching the show just how much we do that here .. We can't understand the words, but the body language and facial expressions are universal.   The lady at the door yesterday I believe was genuine.   She has eight kids, her midle son has a heart condition.  He has had one operation, and needed to wait for the second of three. Then her husband died, and she has not been able to have the operation done because they did not have the money.  Now the boy is having complications.

She had set out in the morning to knock on every door in the city if she had to to find help.

We gave her a couple numbers to call if she needs to contact us, then also gave her the number of our heart Dr friend, and told her to call and go see Dr Tatyana.  here we will get a clearer picture of what is needed and how best we can help.

This morning as we sat having our morning coffee, Julie looked out at the couple that was in the garbage and said "  They are there a lot... we should work out a system to help them.. "  I guess we will have to do something about this with out them knowing it was us .

In a few minutes, Sergey is picking us up to go and get Slavic and a couple others to take them shopping .

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