Sunday, May 20, 2012

Yumm Fresh Strawberries

Today we had a lunch meeting with Larisa and Tanya.Then it was off to do some food drops and visits.  We had a big bag of flour and rice and a big jug of oil for the boys, and for the girls we had a few bags of groceries.  For a special treat , we also had a pack of hot chocolate.. something they have likely never had before .  While visiting them, I treated the chichen coop for lice.  The last time they had chickens, they were infected, and since we are getting them new ones, we wanted to start off clean.  Jengish has some chickens at the centre now, but does not want to have problems with them when the new ones arrive for the big chicken farm, so he is going to donate them to the girls.
spraying for Chicken lice 

Checking out the bunnies
Garden is coming along great

The girls are doing great 

This evening we went to Dayspring for supper.. we cooked..  Strawberries are out now, so I bought a huge box of them and made pancakes .. we all had a good feed of them tonight .  It was great to sit around the table all together tonight .. then the phone rang and it was Aiperi.  She had been missing for 2 months.  We did a lot of worring , and made a lot of calls in the last two months, but last night , we reached the end.. We made plans to load up in Isar's van and go to Bishkek and start scowering the streets for her.  We even styarted to make posters to give to all the Busses in the city and had Isar ready to recieve any tips we might get.. then finaly we did what we likely should have started with... we called out for prayer.. people all over began to pray, and less then 24 hours later, she went to see Isar at the bus stop... 

Pancakes and fresh strawberries and Maple syrup
Talant takes a few minutes and has a good talk with Aiperie

Christy we here to help us serve up 

 Tomorrow , we have another busy day .. Dasha's operation will be this week, so we have some details to take care of.  Then we will head to the Baby orphanage .  There is a new baby there that we know from the baby hospital... you may remember him, he had the club feet.. Our friends from Operations can be done are going to help with that, so we will make arrangements to get it started.  Then at 3:00 I am going to another orphanage where I will be giving a cooking class, then at 7 we will have a birthday for all the kids that have birthdays this month.. 

Should be a good day .

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