Monday, May 02, 2011

small update ..

I think that the very first kid that I met in Kyrgyzstan was young Cola. He was living in an orphanage that was under renovations, and was one of about 6 kids sharing one room.. We have continued our friendship over the years,.. A couple years ago he was old enough that his Great Grandmother was able to start caring for him.. We have continued to seek him out when ever we are having fun outings or shopping trips. He has really grown into a fine young man

When we were talking to him this trip, we sort of pushed the issue about his health, his education and the health of his Babushka.. he shared that he did have a hard time in school because he could not see well, and also his babushka has been in bed sick for some time now.. So we got a little intrusive and brought our Dr to his home to look after the Babushka , and we brought Cola to Bishkek to the eye Dr.

The Babushka is up and around and feeling great now that she is on the right medication, and Cola is sporting 2 new pairs of glasses.. He said that some of the kids have tried to tease him about the glasses, but he does not care at all because now he can see... he then said that it has been about 4 years since he could see..

We felt so bad... all this time we could have had him to the Dr long ago if only we had known.

There are always those around us with a list a mile long of things that they want, like the lady in the bazaar that wants linoleum and a cow, and tuition for her niece, then there are kids like Cola , they are just happy to have your friendship, and it never dawns on them that there could be more ...

We are so happy that we can have a part in Cola's life. We have discussed his education with him, and he would like to continue on past grade 9 so that he can go to university.. He is a good young man and is on the road to a better future...

We were at the signing of an agreement to see another orphanage renovated .. this is much needed,.. We have helped with a few doors, a living room, and some furniture here, but it is such a big job.. into the hundreds of thousands to do it right ... Today marks the beginning of those renovations. US aid, the Hyatt and the US embassy are part of a team that will begin renovations in a few weeks. Our part is a small one, but we are pleased to be able to help. The construction crews will be eating at the orphanage, and this will put a tax on the food budget, so we have agreed to provide extra food for them while the construction continues so that the children's food rations do not suffer as a result. We have brought them lots of staples, as well we were out to the rehab centre last night, and have arranged for a couple thousand eggs to be delivered over the next couple months. This week we will also send some produce there way.

After the agreement signing, we were entertained by some of the kids.. One of the highlights was our young friend Sargey.

he is another young man that we have known for a few years, and has worked his way into our hearts.

We stopped out in orlofka yesterday as well , They are getting ready to have a kids camp that they will start on June 1st. We brought them supplies from Crayola as well as a litle bit of money to get things ready.

We had a donation for a birthday of a young friend of ours adopted from Tokmok a few years back, and thought that this would be a great place to bring a Little joy to the kids. We will be out to the village for the kick off of the summers events on June 1st.. children's day.. I will post some more photo's when Julie is home from the University with the camera.

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