Monday, May 16, 2011

Kids day coming soon

Tonight we had a bunch of kids to the house for English club.   That's when things went a little nuts ..Julie and Emma had to go out for a dinner meeting, and Bekah got swamped at the last minute with extra work to get the University yearbook ready for print tomorrow, and Altynai has two exams and a research paper due tomorrow.. this left me with a dozen wild and hungry kids to look after. and cook supper for.. They had a great time ..

Speaking of kids,  June the 1 is kids day, a really big day here in Kyrgyzstan, especially for the kids from the poorer families and the orphanages.   I have been swamped with requests for help from Vera in Orlofka, from Laurisa, from the orphanages .. I think we have about 500 or 600 kids we need to find gifts for.  If any one wants to help with this, just put "KIDS DAY" on the memo of your pay pal donation.. I cant wait to post all the photo's from the day.

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