Monday, May 09, 2011

And down will come baby cradle and all.

In one hand we have government workers on the ground working hard to help the people of their country, asking us to please share their needs and concerns on the blog, and on the other, we have someone that is doing their best to shut the blogs down..hummm go figure.  In this day and age, I think that is likely a loosing battle for them, but it is a pain in the neck for us, so once again, you will have to match the storey to the pictures yourself...
We had some blankets that we had been asked by the mayors office to take to a hospital.  Over at the baby hospital, we have worked with the Dr there who is in charge of all the sick babies, and all the kids who have no parents.  Upstairs there are two more floors that have mothers with babies.  These floors are off limits to men , even the fathers must stand at street level and look up a couple floors as the mothers hold the babies up to the window for them to see.  Today that ban was lifted as we were invited up to bring the blankets ourselves. 
  It did not take long at all for us to understand the motive behind this move... It came up in the conversation how beautiful the beds are that we just brought down stairs.  They then showed us how bad their bed were.. and with out a doubt, they have an equal need for some good beds there as well.. from first discussions II would say that they will need about 15 beds.  Because of the high volume and the contacts we have , we can get these beds for for about $2500 .  I told them that I would start working on this, and may take several months to find a sponsor.  I explained that the last ones took nearly a year for us to replace, but we would start working on it. 
 Then she showed us something that we could not let go.. it is not something that I want to wait a year for in good conscience.  She showed us the baby basinets that they are using... I would rather put my baby on the floor then in this contraption.  It is made of a heavy mettle rebar type material, and stretched on top of it is a thin cloth making a drum.. The child is placed on this..  I understand that new born's don't move around, but just brushing against this contraption is enough to make it come crashing down.   Lynn and I just looked at each other and it was clear that we had do something. 
  We went to the bazaar to a gentleman we had talked to earlier, and came up with a great price for good , well made cribs. Complete, we can have them in place for just shy of $50 each.  such a small price to pay for the safety of a child.  We delivered the first one, right away, and we now need to raise the funds for 14 more.  We will not wait on these to purchase them all at once like the beds.  As donations come in for the cribs, we will purchase them right away.. Just think for $50 we can provide a sake place for these kids.  
I was getting some photo's of the crib in place.. they put a small fussing new born in it, to see how it would work... The baby gave a little cry, and I reached out and gave the crib a little rock... every one looked amazed as the baby fell back to sleep.. if you tried that with the old crib, down would have gone baby cradle and all... Please think about helping with this..  $50 donated on one of the links on the blog , and we will place another crib right away.

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