Saturday, May 14, 2011

Able to stop.

This  morning was a nice quiet one... no fires, no school.. no early phone calls... Our first stop was to the men's home for a visit and to teach English.  It really is amazing how relaxed they are getting , like it is a normal part of their life.. still very much enjoying the classes.  Some have decided that working in the garden is more their thing.. this is so nice to see .  The flowers are in bloom and the garden is doing well.   The fist potatoes have started to break the surface , as have the squash and cucumbers.

After class, Bekah went to Jaynes  to work on the year book for the University.   We got some great news this morning. Jayne was very excited when I called her to let her know that we received a loan for one of the kids to go to Alaska for the summer.  This has been a bit stressful for Jaynes as she has worked with the kids... This is suck a big opportunity for them, and with out the help, it is just too far out of reach.   but we are so much closser  to making it happen now. 

 I then went to the bazaar with Emma to get some stuff for Aigoola's new boys Birthday party tomorrow.  As we were leaving the Bazaar we spotted a little old lady standing at the corner.. I only caught a glimpse of her from the corner of my eye, but everything in me screamed STOP.. so Buket stopped and called out to her to see if she needed a ride... She climbed into the back seat on all fours... She was such a cut little Kyrgyz babushka.. she thanked us for the ride , and turned to Emma and asked her to count her hand full of bills she received at the bazaar today.. I could hear Emma counting behind me ".. 9...10... 11 som" ( about 25 cents ).. at that point I reached back and took the 11 som and handed Emma a 500 som and told her to tell the babushka that there were 500... 

  The little babushka just burst into tears... she then began to share her storey.. She had 2 daughters, but they are both dead now.  she is staying temporaraly with relatives, but they are poor and can not keep her.  She has been working on her documents, and has them now, but just does not know what to do next.. she has heard that there are seniors homes that look after seniors, but has no idea how to find them.. she thinks tat they are in a neighbouring city.  

We called Acel to make sure that we were getting the translation right ... we were .. We confirmed that she was safe tonight, and offered Aigoola's home to her to stay, and said that Monday we would take her to the seniors home to see and decide if she would like too stay. she said that she had no where else to go so  really she did not have a choice..and she would stay... We gave her som Banana's and brought her to her relatives , and made arrangements to pick he up Monday and bring her to the seniors home... 

  I was sort of amazed how thought connections, made through the generosity of our sponsors  this was all possible.. 10 minutes out of our day, and for this cute little Babushka, life has suddenly aligned for her.  In fact If I wanted, my part could be done, I have nothing more to do, and this Babushka will be looked after and treated well for the rest of her life... She will be surrounded by caring , loving people that will treat her with respect and dignity.

Thank you to all of you who have invested in the system... you have made stopping possible...

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