Monday, May 16, 2011

it's always something

  This morning, Emma and I headed over to pick up the Babushka that wanted to go to the seniors home. When we pulled up to the house, she was sitting out front rocking a baby in a stroller.  There were several children around.. there was a younger lady cleaning the front window.  The house was nice and every one seemed happy.. especially the Babushka to see us.  We started to talk to them a bit more. The young lady said that the Babushka was free to go if she wanted, but was more then welcome to stay with them.  We quickly realized that the Babushka was feeling out of place, and that she did not want to be a burden on her relatives.. We explained to her how she can be such a blessing to them and that it is important for the kids to have a babushka around, and that it was not a burden on her relatives.  She started to feel a lot better, and was happy to stay there in the end.. 
  From there we picked up the next two cribs that were ready for the baby hospital and delivered them with Anya.  We also let them know that the rest would be arriving in a week, we also let them know that we had the first two beds sponsored and would be delivering them on a couple weeks as well.. that will just leave 13 beds that would be needed to completely furnish the whole hospital.  
   While we were with Anya we learned the continuing difficulties her son Arture is having.  A couple days ago he fell off his bike and broke his arm in two places.  They took him in to the hospital right away, but were not able to properly set the break.. then a second trip, and they said that they could not set it because he had eaten that morning, and then today they were told.. oh well it will likely heal on it's own... just a bit crooked... So we called our friends in Bishkek, and they mad a call to the Children's Hospital.. 5 minutes ago Sergey and Anya left with Arture , and will pick up our friends, and the director of the hospital will be waiting for them.
   A few weeks ago, we had a sponsor that felt lead to send some money to be used for medical needs for our workers here .. since that time it seems that we have had a continual need for medical issues, yet before we even knew to ask, the need was met.. what a blessing.   

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