Friday, May 27, 2011

beds, cribs, hospitals and dentists.

This morning we had Aigoola and Aiperie com over to discuss a business plan for the store at the bazaar. We will help to cover set up of the stock for the store. Aigoola will be selling blankets, mattresses, pillows , sheets and mats. Aiperie will be making original design shirts, and will have about 20 styles on hand. Together they will do custom sewing, everything from hems and zippers to dresses and suit jackets.
We will also work on local marketing plan for them as well as continuing to have them make blankets and mattresses etc. for us as they are sponsored. As well we have about 25 kids sponsored for school that we will need uniforms.
as well as the set up of the store, we have the new sewing room at the house as the "Factory" for bigger orders. They would also need a peddle sewing machine, and a sizing machine. They figure this can be purchased for $300. We have offered them a Business loan for this portion of the business adventure..
They are very excited.. Aiperie spent the rest of the day preparing a price list of the competition, as well as figuring out the new configuration of the store. Aigoola is compiling the list of expected expenditure to finalize the budget.
Such a long way and a lot of water under the bridge since the day we first met these kids in an orphanage, with Aigoola standing off at the fence line watching from a distance to see that her kids were ok... what could she have been thinking..?
Next we went to the bazaar to get the cribs for the hospital, and then the bus stop to meat the hospital beds coming in from Bishkek. Then off to the Hospital to get make the delivery... The nurses and the director reminded me of a bunch of clucking hens when you let them out into the light.. they were all chattering and bouncing into each other with excitement.. Fun to watch.
I got back to the house with 5 minutes to spare before heading to Bishkek for a meeting with Uplift. they do massage therapy for baby's at the orphanages here as well as offering a program to assist mothers of disabled children so that the kids do not get put into an orphanage.. She shared her desire to expand the program to children after the age of 6 as well. It cool, I just happened to have Olga with me translating and doing some banking , and Olga runs the knowledge store that works to bring support to families with disabled kids 6 and over... ... CONNECTION MADE.
I also met with one of our friends in Bishkek... still very early stages, but we have been dreaming of one day having our own dental staff to be able to work in the orphages.. Amagin having a portable office that could go around to work in the orphanages and institutions... provding MUCH needed care.. we have spent thousands of dollars bring kids to the dentists here, and we are only scratching the surface.
Last week we met with a Dentist from another country that is living here now, and contacted us to say that she wants to do volinteer work with us. Today we contacted one of the major hospitals to discuss setting the program up with their covering... it was amazing , not only are they excited, but think they may be able to provide a dental assistant for the program as well as register our Dentist to make sure that every thing is legal and in the right order...
I have been purposely vague about details... I will share more in the near future as the possibilities become realities... I just wanted to give everyone time to think and pray along with us. We are going to need to purchase a portable dentist office and supplies for cleaning and treating teeth.. I think to do this right and effective from the start.. it will take about $3500 some of which is already in place.. This is a great opportunity for us to make life a little more bearable for thousands of children every year... speaking of dentist, then it was off to the Dentist to get my teeth adjusted. and on home again..
Julie taught two classes today , and the girls helped Altynai move back home. Larissa and Tanya visited the three girls we found out about yesterday and brought the report to Julie about them.

"I will come to you and fulfill my good promise to bring you back to this place. For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

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