Saturday, May 21, 2011

frantically trying to get everything looked after before we go.

Aigoola has dreamed of having a room in her house that is just for sewing. Her home is a seniors shelter for emergency's, so it has to be drop in ready for them at all times.. This does not always agree with a sewing business that often takes up a lot of room in the house.

Behind the house is another building that has a Banya ( Sauna ) a storage room, a pen for the cow and a room that was used as a chicken coop. So a couple weeks ago Vlady and the husband of one of the families we have been working with began work remodeling the chicken coop... The put in new floors, repaired and plastered the walls, put in a new ceiling, and electricity, and even changed the windows and put in a door with a window in it... The ceiling is a little low.. about 7 feet, but the size is great .. it is about 12 ' by 20' , so it will make a great sewing room... beside it is a storage room we will sort out next.. this will be a great place to keep all the materials .

The final touches were put on this job, and Monday it is on to the next. Vlady and Joe will start work on the store down at the bazaar. The micro loan has been arranged, and everything is now in place and they will begin pouring the footings.

After checking out the work, we picked up Beksoltin and headed to the men's home for English class.

Today was the letter C.. C as in candy , and C as in Vitamin C, so to help remember , everyone got a vitamin C sucker. Just as the class was ending, the book cases arrived for the Library and craft room .

Every one pitched in with great enthusiasm as we put together the jig saw puzzle.. every one was slightly different and we had to match 11 tops with 11 bottoms .

But we managed to figure it out, and they are in.. they will adjust them and screw them together when they put them in place.

We then brought some over to DaySpring as well... I could not help but eating a couple fresh radishes out of the garden... It is looking great .

The roses are doing really well too. I was not expecting them to do so well this year, but they are really coming along

We then went to the bazaar to arrange the delivery of the cribs for the baby hospital... they were to be ready today. When we got to the store, we found out that the man that we ordered them from passed away yesterday. So they delivery will be a few days late, and his wife was upset because she did not have any one to put the beds together now.. Anya assured her that we understand and not to worry, we can wait a few days and we can have Vlady and Joe put them together when they get here. We also confirmed that the volley ball net will be arriving in a couple days as well.. that will be exciting.

Turat will be back in Kyrgyzstan in a couple weeks, and we are busy already coming up with jobs for him. We have spoken to Beksaltin and will talk to Turat as well.. we would like to have them go to the men's home 2 or 3 times a week and play soccer , volley ball and basket ball with them. They will be out "activity directors" for the summer.

On the way home from the bazaar Julie and Bekah got playing with the camera and I thought this photo was especially nice....

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