Thursday, May 12, 2011

" I don't have a birthday !"

Yesterday we went over to see Aigooa.. We were bringing her to the Bazaar to see if we could find a spot for her to set up a business there were she can do hems and alterations . This will be the front house of the small sewing room we have set up at her home.. At her home she has a separate room that was a chicken coop. It is being renovated and will be the new sewing room for the mattresses and blankets.. The room in the house she had been sewing in is set up as an emergency shelter for seniors.
As if she does not have enough on her plate, she is also looking after a young abandoned boy. We sat down with her and Anya to try to figure out all the documents to get him enrolled in school next fall. As we were looking at the documents, we noticed that today was his birthday, and he is a year younger then we thought he was . His last name is not recognizable on the documents, and even he does not know what his last name is ... We told him that today was his birthday.. his response was that "He does not have a birthday.. other kids have birthdays, but he doesn't" We showed him on the paper ... he still did not get it.. he said that he never had a birthday before !...
It's amazing how we are able to carry on on the outside while inside our heads and our hearts we are torn up .. But we just smiled and said .. "well now you have one and it's now.." Today he went with us for his first day at a preparatory school that will help him get coughed up so he can attend school in the fall.. We also gave him a good lunch at our house, and money for Aigoola to take him shopping for school supplies for the summer, and some new clothes..Today on his birthday, we will start again and put do what we can to put this young boys life back on track
But the real excitement will come in a couple days when we can plan a real party for him... Stay tuned ...

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