Friday, May 13, 2011

Letter from Ulan

Ulan Danilbekov,
Why I need a sponsor?
From the childhood I liked to help people. After all helping another you become the true kind person. As to that money which you would sponsor me I would spend them for purchase of air ticket to Anchorage city in Alaska as well as I wished to become the volunteer in Alaska. There I will assist disabled people. From the childhood I have been dreaming to participate in such program where I aid other people. For me it's also important to find new friends, to be in good relationships with them. But the given trip also would become good chance to practice my English and see new places and new people.
As to me I study at the IUCA where I am getting a true economic education and just develop myself as a individual person. Further I would like to study more strong and where I would be able to develop myself as the true professional. Why it is important for me because here many universities covered by corruption except my university. That's why I like IUCA. In future I would like to become a person who knows English, Russian, Chinese and my native language Kyrgyz. Therefore I know all three languages, except Chinese.

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