Sunday, May 15, 2011


Tonight we celebrated 3 Birthdays .. Emma turned 20, Aziz ( Altynai's brother who lives with Sergey and Anya )turned 16, and Ruslan turned 8 and celebrated his first birthday... today he joined the ranks with the people who HAVE birthdays... Ruslan could not believe all the presents he got.. truly a birthday he will remember.  Emma got a washing machine for her birthday .. she will keep it at Aigoola's house... really,  Emma did not have anything that she wanted , other then to get a washing machine for Aigoola.  We also had Cola here with us for the party. he is such a nice young man, and its great to be able to spend a bit of time with him.  He goes back in to the eye Dr in a couple weeks to have his eye's checked again, and possibly have his glasses adjusted.  But he sure loves them now.. he said that the other kids tried to tease him a bit at first, but he said he did not care because at least he can see now.  David and Jayne came as well as Ruby.  Tomorrow will be Ruby's last day here this spring then she will join Lynn back in Canada.. It's always such a sinking feeling when the team starts to dissipate at the end of a trip,  but we know that it is a necessary part of the process... but We did miss Lynn.
 Tomorrow is another busy day for us all.. I have decided that I have not been out to the seniors home for a while, so I will join Bucket and Emma when they bring the Babushka out.  First we will bring her to Dr Tatyana for a check up, and a quick stop at the bazaar for anything that she might need .    

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