Friday, May 06, 2011

Generous Justice.

I have been reading a book that was sent to me a couple weeks ago.. those that know me know that this will likely be about the third book that I have ever read. I am not much of a reader, so I have had to really try to focus to follow the many angles that the author brings us to the same point. The book is called Generous Justice. I am amazed at how it is confirming to me so much of what I believe and the approach that we take, and at the same time, it challenges to dig deeper and to do more.
One of the interesting sub messages that the book talks about is the topic of gleaning, or the Biblical principal of not harvesting your fields right to the edge so as to leave some for the gleaners... this is generous justice...
I have read and heard about this principal many times, but it always seemed like an Old testament practice.. after all If I was to leave produce in my garden it would rot... But when you understand that this is a principal that carries on to today..
First.. the concept of leaving some for the needy to collect them selves, is one that I was touching on a couple posts back... "Hope comes when we help others, and dignity comes when others are permitted to help us" . Buy allowing the needy to glean, I see that it is represented today by us not just giving money to a problem all the time, but working to find a way to assist those in need to help them selves... It would be a hole lot more efficient to harvest to the edge and give a percent to the poor, but where is the dignity in that...
Another interesting point made was what the modern day harvest field looks like...
If we apply the same principals to today, it is represented by the business person that may have a little higher costs of production, but pays their staff a fair wage, and treats them well, and may have a little smaller profit margin, but if fair with their customers, and does not try to milk every last cent from them... basically being Generous , and fair...or JUST.
I am blessed to know many business men and women that have operated their business in that manor... These last few years has been a hard economically, but all those that I know that have run their business in this manor are still around to tell the storey... Many of these businesses have partnered with us over the last few years, and despite the tough economic times, We have seen unprecedented favor here in Kyrgyzstan..
As I read on , I am challenged to not waiver from the path we are walking... focusing on Justice and how it looks here in Kyrgyzstan

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