Sunday, May 29, 2011

Kids day parties begin

Remember Erra .. we first met her in the dump, and later PI bought her a house... she was so glad to see us.
The theater began to fill with kids and excitement ... Kung fuu panda ...

300 PRESENTS lined up along the front of the movie theater... we had to go out and get another 50 gifts.

handing out presents

Notice the pink dress girl on the left .. she had the simple dream of having a dress to look like a princess back in the fall

I remember the day we had to tell this little girl that her mother had died because she did not get basic medicine worth about $7.

Others from the village, from the dump and from the streets.. All these kids have become special to us over the years.. It was great to have them all together again.

Second concert was for the disabled children in Bishkek the first 5 rows were all disabled kids. The rest were paying guests. in total there were about 1200 people. each paying guest paid about $3 ... after all was said and done, they weer about $300 short of covering the entire event , including the hall rental and entertainers, which included many of the top performers in Central Asia.

When the show was almost over, we met up with the directors of the Blind society of Kyrgyzstan fund, and we gave them $300 to cover off the event so that they would break even... I was just doing the math, and figured that $300 to cover the 450 kids that got to go to a free concert... that's pretty good in my books... the only trouble is I am not quite sure what pocket, or should I say who's pocket that $300 will come out of...

getting the internet fixed

tomorrow ... taking tatchka driver to hospital

visiting the hospital for mental health

meeting with the plumber to finish fire victoms house

Meeting Rotary club and Mayors office for the dedication of hospital beds

picking up to young friends from the orphanage for a visit

Guess which part of the day tomorrow I am looking forward too...

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