Tuesday, May 24, 2011

picking up speed as the day went on.

9:30 am ... met Babushka to purchase medicine for her daughter

11:00am Met Jengish in Bishkek and went to purchase a sewing machine for the Men's home

12:00 Met with Christy and a friend of hers who is a dentist to set a plan in motion provide a mobile dental clinic to the schools, institutions, and poor in Kyrgyzstan, preparing a proposal to operate program under Jal children's hospital .

2:00 got my new teeth,

3:00 shopping at the zoom for a picture frame to mount a plack for baby hospital beds presentation, and Volley ball net for men's home

5:00 Julie and I went on a ride through the park on a kiddy train

6:00 Met up with Jengish again and planed the next few days events

7:30 Attended a Rotary club meeting in Bishkek. connected up with workers from Uplift and arranged a meeting this week.

9:30 headed for home

11:00 coughed the tail end of a party Bekah as having at the apartment with a bunch of the University students.

Oh and we heard that TOMORROW is the day... wait for this one ...

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