Friday, April 22, 2011

Visiting or friends again

In the afternoon we stopped out at the orphanage that we took to the hot springs. The kids were still talking about what a great time that they had. while there , we delivered a bunch of food to them to help take the edge off a bit .. meat is something that they do not get a lot of, so the hind leg of a cow was quite the hit with them.

we also brought them 330 lbs of flour, 220 lbs of rice, 110 lbs of sugar, and 110 lbs of pasta.

we also got to bring some gifts for one of our young friends .. he was pretty thrilled with the new cloths as well as the toys and photo's of his family. It was a work day, and all the kids were busy cutting down branches and cleaning up, but when our friend arrived to see us he was wearing his 3 piece suit....hummm he must be a supervisor or

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