Monday, April 25, 2011

Stoping, and Following ?

A phrase that you here us talk about allot is " Stop for the one in front of you." There are so many people in need here, how do you ever decide who it is that you are to help. Something inside you tells you "this person" or "that person". And when you do stop , it all starts to make sense to you.
As I have thought about this, I have often thought to myself that I am really not that spiritual to be able to have confidence in my ability to discern all the time .. How many have we missed... Every day I walk past people standing at the front steps of the grocery store asking for money in exchange for them either praying for you or in the event that you not help , offer up a cures or two... I think that of all the people there, there is but only one old lady that I have felt the urge to give money to. I have even questioned myself "Why her"...
Today I remembered something that my friend told me one day ... He said, "Don't put your faith in your ability to follow, but put it in Gods ability to lead". It felt almost like a hall pass or something.. Today pieces fell together in my understanding of how the two sayings actually fit together... "Stopping , and following "
We we had a bus load of people going to different Dr's and specialists in Bishkek. We got every one dropped at their Dr's and left them all directions to Daves restaurant near the White house were I was going to meet Jengish and a friend of Bekah's. Many of our group came and went, but then something unexpected.... This little old Lady came in... She sat quietly and had a cup of Tea. Julie and Sergey discussed where we knew her from..We joked a bit that maybe she was actually KGB and was following us, but quickly we realized that she was way out of her comfort zone.. finally it dawned on us. She was the lady from Tokmok that we had given some money to...Then Sergey shared that he never gives money to the people at the grocery store, but for some reason he has been led to give money to this one. .. Sergey went over and told the waitress to give her a menu and tell her that he would buy her lunch...
After we stopped to talk to her... it turns out that she was in Bishkek because she was making a last ditch attempt to get help for her sick daughter.. She was pleading her case at the white house across the street from the restaurant.. She had stepped so far out of her comfort zone, gathered up the last of her resources and headed to Bishkek Praying that she would touch the hearts of the Government... Finally after no results, she thought that her prayers were not heard, and she sat down in defeat .
I then realized that when we failed to recognise "The one in front of us" God has the ability to leed, and can make sure that we notice that one. Today , there was no doubt that Babushka Theresa was that one, and that we were given a second chance to do our part. We spoke with her for a bit, then got her storey and her phone number.. we even drove her back to Tokmok with us. I will talk to Dr Tatyana in the morning, and send her out to the daughter. We WILL work through this. It has confirmed once again that we are not here for our own purposes, but to follow the leading and "Stop for the one in front of us" whom ever that might be..
As we were talking with Theresa , I could hear Sergey quietly in the back ground saying .." This is a miracle happening here .... I believe he is right ...

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Stop for the one in front of you .... That is not a bad life motto at all!