Friday, April 08, 2011

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A lot of stops today. We had a morning in Bishkek, we had to pick up crafts from one of the orphanages to bring back to Canada and the US for a fund raiser for the work here. We bought every single item they had.... did you ever notice how some kids flap their hands like they are trying to fly when they get really excited?...
This orphanage is for street kids. They work to find the families and also to get the kids caught up in school and make sure health concerns are met. I have said many times that this orphanage is the best run orphanage that I know.. I also know that it has some very difficult years ahead as it struggles to provide for the kids and find more permanent funding.
Today I was asked to consider an important place on their board.. I was honored, and at the same time saddened... I feel blessed that I would be considered, but saddened because I know I could not bring to the table what they need. Oh how I am praying that they will find the person that they need , one that has the time and is in country more then I am.. I tried to explain that with the language barrier, and the differences in laws and customs, I still spend most of my day in a light fog... they need someone that can see and understand clearly...
Now speaking of light fog, after a stop at the bazaar we went out to the centre for lunch and to see the bees and other sustainability projects.

We are now thinking very seriously about what kind of in country programs we can establish to make what we do here more sustainable... I know of no better place to start then with our friends at the centre.

The ride to the next stop was a fun one with Emima keeping us all entertained. We met up with Ruby at another orphanage to get more craft items. There we had a chance to have a visit with our young friends. we pulled up a floor in one of the family rooms... ( carpet and couches and TV, all provided by incredible sponsors)

This young guy shown above has a bad heart condition, but fortunately already has a sponsor , it is just that there are over 200 kids on the waiting list.. the back log is incredible , I know of half a dozen kids myself that have funding in place and are still waiting for operations. I wish I new a team of heart surgeons that could come over for a few weeks and help clear the back log.

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