Wednesday, April 06, 2011


Started off the day with a trip to the bazaar to get seeds and plants to plant the garden. Then in the middle of it , i got a call from Bekah.. some man just came to our door and read our power meter, handed her the bill .. for $14 then disconnected the power as he was leaving . Hummm so I guess the way it is here is you have about 30 seconds to pay.. that's one way of getting you to pay the bill ... On the same note, we asked to get a phone line put in at Dayspring and they said that they should know a number for us in a couple days ... they will look and see who owes money on their bill, and we can have that number if we pay their bill for them ... Any ways we came home and I turned the power back on myself so that Julie and Bekah would not be home with no power.. then sent Sergey to pay the bill , and give them enough for the next couple months so they would leave us alone, not before having to pay them $1.75 to reconnect it.. we just paid it and did not bother getting into the fact that I had already connected it. So then it was back on track, and we went out to plant the garden... They guys are coming along great with the patio and basket ball area. It will connect the front door with the playground along the side.. its looking great it will be almost 500 sq feet when it is done, lots of room to play . The other side of the house has the garden... it was fun to get it planted.. we have sweet corn, potatoes, squash, zucchini, cucumbers, carrots, radishes, shard, beets, peas and Dill.. then all the way around the property we have planted cucumbers along the brick walls... There were no tomatoes , peepers or cabbages in the bazaar today... maybe a little bit early because of the late snow, but they should be there by the weekend so we can get them planted as well.
Then after lunch, the team came inside and helped to clean and sort , and get ready for the opening. Acel got the office set up and all the supplies unpacked and on the shelves. In the multipurpose room, Emma is working on a huge painting that the kids will do.. he is painting the border on the wall, and the space will be filled with 10 large canvases... one for each child.. they will be able to paint it any way they like , that will be their space..and will have a prominent spot in the room for all to see.

Now we are back home, and in about 10 minutes we will have some of the boys here from the University for a cooking lesson.. The other night when they were here, one of the boys shared that they have to take turns cooking for their rooms, and when it is his turn, no mater what he cook it ends up looking like Kasha ( Kasha is kind of a porridge made with something that resembles barley.. ) So today we will learn to make Spaghetti with garlic bread... I will find out what kind of budget they have so that I can help them come up with a few different meal items, then when ever it is his turn to cook, he will come to our house for another lesson, then take the food back with him... It may not seem like such a big deal in North America, but for boys to learn to cook here is a real big step. Bekah will have to teach him to do the dishes...hahaha

I have to tell you what I did to these boys last weekend.. We had some of them over to thank them for walking our girls in the evenings, and also to assure them that the fact that they were walking with our girls did not mean that they were available..hahaha... so we had them over and I cooked a nice meal.. after supper, the girls were doing dishes and we brought these very nerves boys into the living room for "THE TALK" ... I began by saying " I am sure you are wondering why I have you here"... noticing how scared they were, I continued " We asked you here tonight because we are choosing Husbands for our daughters.." It was hilarious... the stuttering and stammering... " You are Joking right ?????" ... "NO" I answered.. then I decided I should let them off quick before the younger on fainted... I was pretty sure that another couple seconds he would have hit the floor...

We had a good talk, and we are thankful for their help keeping an eye on the girls safety for us..


Hilary Marquis said...

All that is being accomplished is awesome! You, on the other hand, are get the "joy" of scaring boys on two continents! Every dad's dream ;) I'm afraid Tim's gonna train Tyler and Toby to be his junior scare team when our girls are older.

Cindy LaJoy said...

No wonder you and Dominick got along so have the same twisted sick sense of humor!