Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Kyrgyzstan with out orphans ... dreams to reality !

I can remember the first time I walked into an orphanage in Central Asia... in I fact it's not that I can remember it, but I can't forget it. It was such a dark place in more ways then one... Whats worse is that it was after several years of upgrades and work by our friends, yet I can distinctly remember sitting at the bed side of one orphan, and praying that he would not last the night....We began doing what we could do, one child at a time , moving our focus to Kyrgyzstan in 2005, we have continued to plug away one child at a time... all the while believing that some way some how we would see change to a system that continues to not only produce unwanted children but warehouse them in institutions....But all the time we continued to have HOPE for Kyrgyzstan. We knew that change was needed on a bigger scale , on a government level.. but we lacked the knowledge and ability not to mention the finances to be the ones to do that.. so we thought ... so we continued to work, hope and to pray.. that is when LAMb came into the picture for us... LAMb is made up of some incredible people with skills ,abilities and conections next to none when it comes to child protection, fostering and adoption. They shared with us a vision of a Kyrgyzstan with out orphans... it just seemed so far away.. such an unreachable target... This morning I am going with the team over to do some final touches on DAYSPRING home as we prepare for the official grand opening... a pilot project for the nation of Kyrgyzstan.. the beginning of a "Kyrgyzstan with out orphans".. NOW this vision that LAMb has been sharing is one that nationals are stopping to take a second glance at.. and realize that YES it is possible... This may be the greatest single lasting contribution that we can give to the children of Kyrgyzstan.. just about everything else that we have been doing with kids would not be necessary when this process takes hold... I can not impress enough the significance of what is happening here now.. and this is just the beginning .. this week the girls home .. then on to the boys home and the transition home.. We even have a sponsor ready to move ahead , and we have the organizational structure, and the government approval all in place... As soon as DaySpring reaches 100% funding, we will pull the trigger and even more children will never have to darken the doors of an orphanage again... If you would like to be part of this truly lasting process in Kyrgyzstan, please join us by clicking on the Canada helps link on the side of this blog, you can leave a one time donation, or help with establishing an on going funding base for the home by selecting a monthly contribution...

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