Sunday, April 24, 2011

Update on one of our babushka's

Last night we took a quick run to the bazaar. We were going to go over to see the apartment of the Babushka that had been burned out. Emma wanted us to bring her plants to help the apartment feel like home. We found our cart driver, or at least he found us . When we got the apartment, she was soooo happy to see us. This time no mater how hard she tried, she could not keep the smile off her face. The apartment looks great. they men did such a good job...

The apartment just needs the final dusting and cleaning , then some new furniture. We discussed with her what she will need.. bed/couch, a table, and a cupboard or china cabinet. We will be in Bishkek tomorrow and will go to the used furniture bazaar to see what they have there . She has also found a neighbour that will replace all the window frames on her balcony for $50, so we will go ahead and do that ... might as well go all out and finish the hole apartment.

We have a small refrigerator in our apartment that we will bring her.. She told us that for her to buy one, she would have to save her money for 2 years.

She loved the new plants as well. She then told us that she has something to smile about now.

Here we are standing in front of her new door of her apartment. She is looking forward to having us over for a celebration meal when the furniture is all in. I stood there thinking back to the day we first met her. She was so desperate, and was in such need, yet we still had to find out and question her on things like .. who owns the apartment, does she have the documents, will she be keeping the apartment.. all the stuff you have to do to be sure that this is legitimate... I felt so bad at the time, but tried to be sensitive... I am so happy that things turned out the way they did .. thank you so much.

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