Sunday, April 03, 2011

A momentous day for LAMb

After a long day, we are back at the appartment. Julie and Bekah are preparing for their classes tomorrow, and I am catching up on some posting .

Julie and Bekah in front of the University

Here the new mattresses and blankets are on the beds at DaySpring.. and the patio stones have arrived to start the kids play area and the front court yard.

But today was special for more reasons then that. Today was the meet and greet for the contract signing for all the new LAMb employees...

It was a powerful moment.. something I had not expected, but to feel the incredible power of HOPE that was generated in the room was very moving... One of the first contracts signed was with Larisa. She is now officially under the LAMb umbrella, and as such, she will have a salary.. this is something that we have all been praying for for her for some time now.. Her duties are to KEEP DOING WHAT SHE IS DOING !.. We are not looking to give her more work or different work, but to give her more tools and resources to take what she does, and bring it up a notch... if thats possible...

Lynn and Ruby welcome Larisa on board.

The next was Acel signing as the DaySpring "Mother" .. Although she has been preparing and working for LAMb since October, we are getting everything in order for the Grand opening next week. It was so moving that when it came time for her to speak, she was a little overwhelmed, and could not talk.. by that point I was not doing much better.. She did share with us afterword what she had wanted to say, but chocked up... She was going to share how back in 2008, we had discussed with her a plan to open a home and have her and Talant be the house parents, but at the time we did not have the support and finances in place for such a project, but she knew that one day this would come to pass. When She and Talant were asked by LAMb if they would take on this roll, they knew that they had already been prepared for this day in their hearts, and this was just the world catching up with the plans that they knew their father had for them.

Next up was Emma .. If I was not already a mess , this was the clincher. All along Emma has felt a strong desire to come along Acel and Talant in this process, and has even had a "position"in her mind, before it was a position... so when the opportunity came up she was very excited.. until she heard the Job title.. "Life skills Director"... titles are not her thing...hahaha. but what is her thing is a strong desire to stand beside her friends and bring love and stability into the lives of precious children.. To pour into their lives and to be an example of HOPE and PEACE to them in the midst of their turmoil.. and HER hope is that each end every child that is in her care will see and feel that love and support, and to know that they know, that they know, that they are special in Gods eyes..

The next to sign was Madlin.. Madlin has had years of experience as a child advocate, and is well respected in government circles, She knows the the laws and she knows the children's rights.. but more then that she has a heart of compassion for the kids, and that will make her a great child advocate. We are so glad that she is on OUR team, and look forward to working with her in the months and years ahead.

Zukra is no stranger to LAMb, and we are so blessed to have her on board as the assistant in country director of LAMb. She will help Natasha keep on top of things as LAMb's interests continue to grow here in Kyrgyzstan. She has done everything from record keeping to Visa`s and everything in between in her former position as the assistant to the former chairman of the University. She to is a great addition to the team.

With these key positions all filled and in place, we are ready to move forward with the Dayspring official opening in just over a week.

Here Lynn is holding up a banner for the opening.

Tomorrow is the beginning of another busy week here in KG. Julie and Bekah will be at the University in the morning, and then in the afternoon will be visiting the baby orphanage with the team that is here. Emma has now moved to Dayspring, and will be helping Acel prepare for the arrival of children.

I will be going to Bishkek with Sergey and our new translator Kairat. we will be picking up a young boy and bringing him to have an eye appointment at the Children's hospital. As well we have a small gift for Aidar, and have to stop and drop off the deposit for the beds at the Baby orphanage.

We have been making the plans for the team that is here for the next couple weeks.. Lots of exciting stuff... I like exciting stuff..and am looking forward to it... glad they all made it here safe and sound.. and am glad that the large tin of Tim Horton's coffee made it with them as well...

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