Sunday, April 10, 2011

Getting ready for a buisy week

Stepping back and taking it easy...That was the motto for today.. We just stayed home this morning.. skipped church and relaxed for a bit.. Julie caught up a bit for school, and I worked on some reports and scheduling ... when Bekah got home from church we went to the bazaar to do some stocking up for the next team coming in a few days. The next couple days will be very busy with the opening of DaySpring. The planets aligned today and I stumbled across all the trimmings for lasagna so we had a nice sit down supper... we are missing Emma even though she is only a couple miles away... We went over to make sure everything was set at the neighboring apartment for our team.. We are so excited about this visit. Kyrgyzstan is not the only place that our journeys have brought incredible people into our lives, but all over Canada and the US. It is always a blessing to us when we can have our friends and supporters come and be a part of the hands on work that we do here.. like the team that is here now. It is good for us to revisit the programs with new eyes.. We were just discussing with the LAMb team the sacrifices that have to be made to come, not just by us but by our family and friends who might not always understand what we are doing here...but for us , many of our friends have continued to be there for us, and so many new friends have come along side of us that we never would have expected... Tomorrow is a VERY busy day getting the final touches on the opening.. we have some VERY hi ranking government officials that will be a part of the celebration, so we want everything to be just right , and we have to be careful .. we have lots of different cultures here and we want everyone to fell the same joy and excitement that we do.

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