Monday, April 11, 2011

Stuff happening all over town...

While Emma worked on the final touches of the wall in the training room , the rest of the team worked on cleaning , sorting, and putting pictures up. This wall will be a special place for the kids. Each child will have a canvas that they can paint or decorate however they like. This is the boarder around where the canvases will hang.

While this was going on Aigoola and I went shopping for all the food for the opening tomorrow.

We then got a call that the beds were arriving at the baby hospital today, a full 5 days early. They ran out of room at the factory, so they delivered everything in pieces and assembled them at the hospital

When we got there they had one room done . The Hospital is experiencing a much larger then normal influx of kids .. they have 28 kids there all but two have their mothers with them.. So even though we brought them 23 new beds, they have had to continue to use a few of the old ones... it's fortunate that the beds arrived today .. you can see in the photo below one of the rooms with the old beds in the middle and the new ones on the sides.

The mothers were all soooooo happy about the new beds .. they are very comfortable, and they have drawers where they can put their stuff.. When kids come to the hospital, their parents have to bring their food clothes and their bedding so the drawer is really appreciate.

Of course what is a trip to the Baby hospital with out your heat being ripped out of your chest... Any that have come with us will know what I am talking about... Today it was a little 2 year old girl that had been abandoned on the streets on Saturday night .. Part of the team went with Sergey to pick up a few toys and blankets for her and returned to comfort her a bit .

When the Director realized that one of our guests was Ruby's daughter right away she pointed out that last week was Melana Grace's birthday. She shared that she is doing really well, and has been adopted by a very good family, and is like a little princess...

We then went and visited Umute (Hope) to see how she is doing.. she has sure grown a lot. it must be that good Nestle formula she is on.
After finishing up at Day spring for the day we dropped Aigoola off at home. She was pretty happy to see that we got the water fixed today, and the power company was there upgrading the power as well... We thought it was neat seeing the guy climbing the pole.. Julie thinks she wants a pair of these boot.

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Tomorrow is the grand opening of Day spring.. a day we have been long awaiting... stay tuned... Tomorrow is also the day that our next team begins their journey to the other side of the world... Our thoughts and prayers are with them.


Anonymous said...

Wow John, Your Dad would have loved boots like that in his day.

Melissa said...

Wow this daily blogs just blow me away.. so looking for the Opening of day spring.. wow the wall looks wonderful cant wait to see the art work..Good Luck tomarrow.. Awwww its so nice your so close to Emma as she continues this new journey shes taking on.. Bekah is amazing.. wow thanks for sharing all the busy stuff u all been doing.. Julie awww what a beautiful picture baby Hope is growing ..Wow..
Now u gotta love ice cream even if its not Nestle's..LOL