Monday, April 18, 2011

swimming , fishing , and up the tower

Julie and Sergey protesting about the squasniak

heading up into the mountains

80 of us made the treck up the mountain to the hot springs

The girls swam and the boys played in the mountains

Then after about 45 minutes, the traded places

Our kids sure had a great time. They had never been here before, and for some , the last time they were out was when the came to the circus with us.

After swimming we went back to the bus and had treats for them all

Juice, Chocolates, and corn pops

We then could not help but stop for a little fishing on the way home .

15 minutes later and we were back on the road

So we started the day with the trip to the baby hospital, and Robert naming the newest baby.. from there we gathered up the kids from Amir and Toliks orphanage and headed to the hot springs. From there on to the Baran tower, but decided to stop for a little fishing on the way... then it was off to David and Jaynes for a great meal... A very busy day, but one that will be remembered for many years to come... by everyone. I know that the blogs have been a little on the light side, and mostly pictures the last few days... Just because we are not posting it does not mean that we have not been busy, but that we have been.

Tomorrow its back to the school for Julie and Bekah, Emma is going with three kids to help the mayors office move them to a new orphanage.. This is when her gentle spirit it so appreciated. We have a couple other small situations to look into and to prepare for a work day at the invalid home the next day. The team is going with Sergey and Anya and Isar to Kazahkstan for a day trip. Just heard from another orphanage today that they are running short of food and still have a couple weeks before the end of the month.. fortunately we have had a pre emptive strike by one of our sponsors , and we have the funds we need to help them out right away. Please enjoy the photo's

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